Hunt for the Hestia- manuscript

Be part of the investigation 

What is this game about?

In the  beginning of the game every team gets a big envelope containing everything what is needed to the game (map, riddles, accessories , etc). From the starting point the team must reach the ending point through the riddles and tasks and in the meantime the  whole story of the Hestia - manuscript will be unveiled. Through the investigation the players will get acquinted with the city of Makó, its sculptures, temples, etc. The game can be done in 1,5-2 hours, but the players can take rest in the meantime: they can drink a coffee in the Glorius, or drink a beer in the Loft. All you need is for this game is a little curiosity, some walk, some power of conception - if you have them, the fun is guaranteed.  

The game starts in front of the Grand Hotel Glorius entrance. There you get the envelope with the tasks and some informations that can be useful by this game. Please bring a pen with you because it will be needed ;) 

Be part of the investigation! 

About the story:

1923. The monarchy is in pieces, Hungary is torn apart. In these dark hours someone sent the Hestia - manuscript to Jenő Futaki - professor and publicist. The manuscript is can be a fake one. Someone say it is a useless, handwritten notebook of some Nostradamus imitative witch, others say that the events of the coming wars and events of the future are written so detailed and prompt in this book that who owns this book can rule the whole world. Because of these some man and some society would kill for this book... In first place the S.E.N. would like to have the manuscipt. The document was once in their hands, but they lost it... now they desperately want it back... at any price. Societas Ex Nihilo (Society from the Nothing) aka S.E.N. is the international secret society what is responsible for many assasination and military coups in the past decades. Among others they have very strong relation with the Black Hand, the Polish National Party , and the german extremist Letzte Lösung company.

Futaki escaped to Makó to avoid the SEN's friendly treatment. But to get out of the SEN's hand is not to easy... Futaki thinks his steps are monitored by the society, he does not trust in the gendarmerie... and he does it well. They are corrupted and easy to tempt if its about some money...

To win some time Futaki asks for his old comrade's - Janos Vitézzfy's help. Vitézzfy is an alcoholic, who had seen better days than these ones. 

Join the investigation and find out what happened with the Hestia-manuscript and with these two guys!  

Hunt for the Hestia-manuscript

Outdoor Investigation game 

9- 99 years 

minimum 2 - maximum 6 person

gametime: 2 - 2, 5 hours


Prize game

Please send us the final solution of the game and you can be the winner of the 5000 Ft Arkad Szeged voucher. Next lot will be on the 30 th of october 2019 .

Our march lot's winner is Alexandra Horváth. Congratulations!