Right now we have two escape rooms in Mako - "Taken"  and "Ouija, the summoning" . These rooms are built not to scare our guests . Both rooms were built to have great time even if you are a young one, or even if you are an adult. 


Ideal for 2-5 people

Game lenght: 60 min

Difficulty level:  Medium

Ideal for age above 10 (at least one adult is mandatory) 

You and your friends are considered the top detectives of the country. Yet this criminal has tricked you... You are chained together in the middle of nowhere. You have one hour to get out before the air is gone. The only question remains: do you get out alive or not? 

Ouija, the summoning 

Ideal for 2-5 people

Game lenght: 60 min 

Difficulty level: Medium hard

Ideal for age above 12 (at least one adult is mandatory)  

They said it will be a simple ghost summoning. We play a little bit, and thats it. But they were wrong and that night was darker then all the others. Your friends dissapeared without  a trace. Now its up to you and your friends: can you free your friends or you will be the next victims of the ghost and vanish into thin air.

With your friends

A saturday night's start with your friends? A lazy monday evening or a labor monday evening ? For both nights we can recommend escape room as an option.

These games are built to have some fun:

With your family

Dont you have program for the weekend? Come on and try out our rooms! Have you been in the Hagymatikum Spa and there is nowhere to go? Of course there is...


With your crush(es)

Have som fun with your crush or with your crushes if you are not satisfied with monogamy's borders...

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